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Marketing To Clients Through Intentional Gifting with Alyssa Toft

In this interview-style webinar, Zoe Meggert will be speaking to Alyssa Toft, founder of Quill & Cue, about corporate gifting, and how gift-giving can act as a marketing strategy.

Quill & Cue is a subscription card service that inspires you to do something simple but impactful – send one handwritten card per month.

To you, writing and sending that card may be a moment for gratitude, reflection, and connection. To the person who receives it, it could mean everything.

Alyssa has seen a number of corporate givers have success in staying “top of mind” with their existing client base and generating more referrals by giving this type of recurring subscription gift. In this conversation, we’ll be going over how to give to clients in a way that stands out from the crowd, what to look for when creating a gifting strategy, and how to leverage corporate gifts effectively as a method for generating referrals.

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