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We founded Perfectly Planned Content in 2016 because we believed in helping financial planners and business owners master their content marketing. We view content as one of a small business owner’s most important assets. With high-quality content, you’re able to convert your audience into lifelong clients.

Why Content Marketing?

Writing and content marketing is one of the fastest ways to tell your story and create a genuine connection with your audience. By building trust through carefully crafted copywriting, blogs, social media, and email marketing, you’re able to create multiple touch-points that encourage leads to convert.

Not sold on the value of content marketing? Check out these statistics:

  • 47% of internet users read blogs every day
  • 9x more leads were reported when long-form blog content was leveraged
  • Email marketing was the primary lead generation channel for 89% of marketers
  • 91% of consumers want to see authentic content from brands
  • 42% of the population uses social media

***Want to know another startling statistic?***

The average blog post took over 3 hours to write in a study conducted in 2018.

That’s 3 hours you could be spending with clients, meeting with prospects, or working on your business operation. And that’s just time spent writing blog content!

This is where the Perfectly Planned Content team comes in. Content marketing is our passion, and we’re here to take the most important marketing tasks off your plate to help your business scale and succeed.

Our Process

Through our content marketing services, we help small business owners and financial planners tell their stories, generate and convert more leads, and nurture existing client relationships. However, we’ve found that most marketing professionals either provide custom services that require a lot of time and collaboration from their clients, or they offer an automated service that consists of underwhelming canned content.

Why not have the best of both worlds? Our team believes that it’s possible to have an automated, scalable marketing strategy that’s still tailored to your unique business and audience.

Here’s how we structure our services to help you spend less time and energy on marketing, while still getting a completely customized content plan:

Our Services

Base Camp: Ongoing Content Writing

Ideal for starting to build your library of content, our Base Camp package can act as the foundation of your marketing plan. This package includes two customized blog posts a month written, revised, and posted on your website. We’ll even help you create a unique-to-you content calendar that’s designed to engage your audience!

Summit: Comprehensive Ongoing Content Marketing

Ready to take your marketing to the next level? Our Summit Content Marketing Monthly Package focuses on both creating content and distributing it across social media channels and through a monthly email newsletter. Expand your reach, and get your custom content into the hands of people who are dying to work with you.

Level Up with a Lead Magnet

Start capitalizing your website traffic with a lead magnet! Our one-time Level Up with a Lead Magnet program helps you write and design a custom lead magnet that addresses the pain points of your audience, and collect their email addresses to further nurture them.

Copywriting Captain

Your website is often the first impression people have of you and your services – so let’s make it exceptional. With our 5-week Copywriting Captain program, our team will help you clarify your brand and your message – then communicate it effectively through your website’s copywriting.

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