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Bridging The Gap Podcast: Creating Your 2023 Marketing Strategy with Zoë Meggert

Zoë Meggert, CEO of Perfectly Planned Content, LLC, is back on this episode of Bridging the Gap. She joins me today to discuss creating a marketing plan for the New Year.

We review what worked in 2022, and Zoë shares real, tactical, and actionable ideas that you can use today to position yourself to have a successful year with your marketing.

This episode will help to reposition your 2023, and it’s one you don’t want to miss.

Plus, take a look at these helpful links Zoë provided to help you plan and format your next blog article or website page.

Deciphering Website & Blog Analytics: The Basics

The PPC Content Marketing Minute: Formatting a Blog for SEO and Readability

Listen to the full episode here.