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5 Website Copywriting For Financial Advisors

We’ve been tackling a lot of web copy projects at PPC recently, and in reviewing all of them, I came up with a quick list of five tips:

1. Know your niche.

Whether you work with physicians, or your niche is more psychographic in nature, know who it is you’re talking to and tailor your language accordingly.

2. Answer the 5 W’s.

Who, What, When, Where, and Why. WHO you work with, WHAT you do, WHEN you work with clients (or when they should seek to work with you), WHERE you’re located (or if you meet virtually), and WHY you do what you do/why they should choose your firm.

3. Be clear about the end result!

Clients aren’t looking to learn more about exactly how you manage their portfolio. They don’t need an in-depth look at Monte Carlo scenarios, etc. Those things may be helpful, but they won’t push people to make a final decision on selecting your firm. Instead, focus on how they’ll FEEL after working with you. The end result is peace of mind, having a solid partner who is an expert, and knowing they’re working toward they’re goals while prioritizing what they value most.

4. Do your keyword research!

Use a tool like Ubersuggest or SEMrush to run an audit on your website. Check to see what type of keywords your competitors are ranking for, as well. Figure out what keyword focuses make the most sense for your niche.

5. Finally — keep it simple!

Having too many pages in your top line menu, or too much copy can make site visitors feel overwhelmed, and like they’ve got to wade through a wall of text to figure out what, exactly, your firm is all about. Instead, focus on the key things your reader needs to know. Use video and imagery to break up your copywriting and display information in a new way. You can always provide them with more details once they schedule a call (which they will!).

I hope these are helpful!