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    What Is The PPC Marketing System?

    The PPC Marketing System is a hybrid education platform that empowers financial advisors and their teams to build a marketing strategy that helps them create content and nurture client relationships in a scalable way.

    11-Module Course

    On-Demand Learning

    Monthly Content Templates

    Best Practice Guides & Resources

    Monthly Q&A Coffee Chats

    Our 11-Module Course

    The first component in The PPC Marketing System is our 11-module course. We go over how to build your marketing strategy from the ground up. Each module is complete with a recorded video lesson, accompanying worksheets, and PDF resources to help you hit the ground running.

    Let’s take a peek behind the scenes at what’s in each module:

    Understand what content marketing is – and how it can help you grow a business you love.

    Learn to develop your brand for consistent and scalable marketing.

    Define your client avatars and create a niche that works for you.

    A deep dive into what a marketing funnel is, and how to build one easily.

    Create a top-of-the-funnel strategy that drives traffic to your website, increases awareness of your firm, and builds an authentic and consistent brand.

    Set up a unique system for capturing leads and empowering them to show interest in your firm

    Learn to successfully nurture warm leads, stay in front of your email list, and convert from your lead magnet.

    Make it easy for prospective clients to say “yes” with scalable systems that move them from marketing to sales.

    We’ll discuss the importance of “marketing” to existing clients and how to turn your business book into your best marketing and lead generation tool.

    Once your funnel is built, we’ll dig into how you can expand your marketing funnel into a fully functional, scalable content marketing calendar.

    No plan is complete without understanding how to track progress. We’ll dig into analytics and what’s important to focus on as you define your Key Performance Indicators.

    On-Demand Learning

    The PPC Marketing System hosts a library of on-demand learning content with guest speakers who are experts in the industry. New content is uploaded ongoing to help you dig deeper and continue to hone your strategy.

     Monthly Content Templates 

    The #1 reason financial advisors don’t move forward with their content strategy is because they’re STUCK. Call it writer’s block, lack of creative inspiration, or whatever else you want. The truth is it’s TOUGH to create content when you feel like you’re already spread too thin as it is.

    How do you build a content calendar that resonates with your audience AND make the time to create and distribute what you create?

    Monthly content drops include templated content that can be repurposed as the jumping off point for a blog post, video script, or podcast episode. With every piece of content we include a brief video on how to repurpose and personalize it, as well as social media and email marketing recommendations for easy sharing.

    Have questions about generating more referrals?

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    Looking to make your marketing more authentic?

    We have a library of PDF resources and best practice guides that have been developed using time-tested financial advisor marketing strategies to supplement your ongoing marketing efforts.

     Best Practice Guides & Resources 

     Monthly Coffee Chat Q&A 

    Looking for more support?

    Members have access to a monthly “coffee chat” style webinar that’s open for Q&As and marketing discussion. Bring your questions and get ready to level up!

    Need one on one support? Members receive a scheduling link for discounted one-hour one-on-one marketing coaching support.

     Discounted Coaching 

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