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The Perfect Trap

A single definition of perfect doesn’t exist– seems a little paradoxical that there are multiple ways to describe something that is supposed to be without flaws, exact, and accurate. There was something about this particular description though that really caught my attention, perfect is the act of “conforming absolutely to the description or definition of an ideal type.”

Who would want to do that?

Your business does the opposite of conform– it reinvents, innovates, and changes. It’s a little messy sometimes, but it’s authentic, genuine, and yours. Too often I hear advisors stall out in sharing their content until it is perfect, but I am here to tell you something crazy (and a bit ironic)

*Perfection does not exist*

Now, some of you may look at the name of my business and think… wait, but she said not to worry about perfection. I see the irony, and I can let you know that I don’t worry about perfection. My primary concern is building up my clients and their marketing in the most genuine way that I know how.

Perfect is a trap (a rather enticing one), and I am going to show you how to break free of it.

Finish That Sentence

Content is a masterful tool in the hand of your business. It allows clients, peers, and colleagues to engage with your brand and establish a solid presence in your business sphere. That is why once you have written something, you need to share it with your audience!

Putting your content out into the universe to be read, discussed, and shared is more important than agonizing over a semicolon vs. a colon or having a then vs than crisis. With continued practice and engagement, the little mistakes will correct themselves over time, but your content (and your audience) can’t wait for perfection.

Think about the difference between wanting to do something, and then actually doing it. Both are crucial and valuable steps in the process, but you need to put your thoughts into actions in order to start seeing results. If you wait to post on social media, or publish a blog, or record the podcast, NOBODY will find you. It’s better that someone finds you doing what you’re passionate about and follows your journey as you learn!

We All Have One Thing in Common

And that is…we are all imperfect. That’s right, everyone including the most successful people in the world make mistakes and you will too. The factor that differentiates our mistakes is how we both handle them and learn from them.

Everyone has an origin story, a humble beginning in the business world. Navigating through that newness to become an established member of your community takes time, it takes messing up, and it takes learning. I am a professional writer and content marketer and I still learn new things every single day.

If you wait until you are perfect, you will be waiting the rest of your life. This is not to say that you should simply go for it on a whim. Your content strategy should be carefully planned and thoughtfully executed, and I hope that you make today the day that you share your vision with the world!

Be Brave

I am a fan of the TV show Jane the Virgin. Jane is a romance writer who is immensely talented but falls prey to self-doubt. There is a wonderful interaction between her and her love interest, Rafael in a cafe.

Rafael: “What do you do?”

Jane: “Well, am I being practical or brave?”

Rafael: “Practical.”

Jane: “I’m a teacher” (said with a breathy sigh)

Rafael” “Brave.”

Jane: “I’m a writer. Oh my gosh, I have never said that out loud before.”

Rafael: “Be Brave.”

Putting your content out into the world is not an easy thing to do. With writing comes vulnerability, but with vulnerability comes honesty and truth two traits that are highly admirable in a person and a business. Write that blog, record your podcast, post on social media, make the most of your content today!