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Talk to Me: The Secret to Social Media Marketing

The digital universe is where so many connections are made. Social media marketing can be a valuable asset to your overall marketing strategy, because it is a space for people to interact with you and your business.

Social media is not a one-way-street, you won’t be able to experience all of the benefits if you’re not “social” yourself.

Becoming Social

If you’re new to social media, implementing a successful social media marketing plan is like learning a new language– complex and time-consuming. But given the right tools and a healthy dose of optimism, it can be a fruitful and enjoyable venture.

Posting content is wonderful– it establishes the voice of your brand and allows others to see what you are up to. Posting, however, is only part of the battle, you also have to engage with your community.

A good rule of thumb in terms of social media presence is post 20% of the time and engage 80% of the time.

How Do You Engage?

Being involved in the conversation is the best way to be engaged. Building up the ideas of other advisors and sharing content that they have written will also help you develop positive working relationships.

When you share content also tag the person, let them know that you genuinely connected with what they wrote. You can also comment on articles or posts that aren’t your own. Ask a question about something that intrigued you, or post your reactions and responses to their post. Share resources from sites that aren’t just your own. Adding to your network through social media engagement will be a great way to make your social media marketing strategy successful.

Engagement doesn’t just come with liking, commenting, and sharing other content, it can also come with interweaving your personal content and your educational content. Share the photo of your well-curated garden, your dog invading your personal space, or other insights into your working day.

Social media is a great way to begin and maintain relationships with colleagues and clients, and using it wisely is important to making the most out of your social media accounts. You need to be willing to share of yourself AND support others to form those valuable connections that convert social followers into clients.