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Content Marketing That Connects

At Perfectly Planned Content, we believe in meeting our clients wherever they are on their content marketing journey, and make it our mission to help them take their next step with confidence.

Our goal when working with our Signature Content Marketing clients is to create a unique content marketing strategy that is simple, effective, easy to implement and plays to their strengths.

Here’s how we accomplish those goals:

Behind the Scenes

We’ll do a deep dive into the notes from our prep call conversation (scheduled prior to our intensive to set goals and intentions), and start crafting the framework for your content marketing strategy. Before your consulting intensive, we’ll be:

  • Checking your Google Analytics
  • Auditing social media channels
  • Running an SEO report on your website
  • Combing through past content
  • Analyzing email marketing initiatives

And more. Our goal is to leave no stone unturned in creating your custom marketing plan.

Your Signature Content Marketing Intensive

  1. Analyzing Your Current Strategy.

This includes clearly defining your ideal client avatars, mission statement, and growth goals. We’ll also cover where your leads currently come from, and what your ideal lead generation looks like.

  1. Creating a Scalable Plan.

We believe that content marketing is the foundation of any long-lasting marketing strategy – and we want to help you plan for the long game. We’ll create a custom strategy for your business based on your unique goals based on your business initiatives. We’ll review your ideal funnel, how to leverage existing content, and what new content areas need to be given a focus for success.

  1. Your Content Calendar. 

This unique-to-you calendar will cover every step in your marketing funnel – from free content to lead generation and nurture to conversion. We’ll review your calendar together and make adjustments based on your goals and interests.

  1. Tracking Success.

We’ll review key metrics to track as you implement your strategy, and how to avoid common pitfalls.

  1. Delegation Plan.

Let’s be honest – you, the busy business owner or marketing director, are not going to be on the hook for implementing this full strategy. Together, we’ll go over your delegation plan to determine where you can outsource to maximize your marketing budget and reduce the amount of energy and resources you spend.

  1. Finalizing The Details.

Your consulting intensive experience wouldn’t be complete without an implementation plan! You’ll walk away with a strategy, delegation to do’s, and a personal checklist to help you stay organized and on track.

The Deliverables

Thinking that you’d walk away from our intensive empty-handed? Think again! Not only will you receive the full intensive presentation and recording, but you’ll also get:

  1. Access to your own client folder containing all recordings and collateral.
  2. Your Custom Content Calendar.
  3. 100% Unique-To-You Marketing Strategy Playbook.
  4. Lifetime access to our Client Resource Vault — full of best practice guides, templated content, and more.

The Follow Up

Our team never wants you to feel lost or alone when it comes time to implement your strategy. That’s why we schedule a 30-minute Q&A session two weeks after our intensive. This is the perfect time to clarify your task list, make revisions to your content calendar, or request introductions to delegation referrals.

What if you need ongoing support?

We have an ongoing consulting program available to all consulting clients where we choose to meet either monthly or quarterly. This program focuses on accountability and honing your marketing strategy over time as your business goals change or grow.



Our Copywriting Captain package helps financial advisors and RIAs level up their on-page SEO, while clearly communicating their mission, vision, and values to their ideal clients. 

Together, we will explore:

  • Your “why”
  • Your ideal audience
  • Your services
  • The tone you want to use
  • How you want your clients to feel when working with you
  • And so much more!

With us impactful web copy is just the first step. We also provide a comprehensive SEO and Google Analytics audit, along with actionable recommendations to improve the ranking and usability of your site and holistic online presence long-term.

Your Investment: $3,350

Step One: Your Signature Marketing Strategy Experience

All of our services begin with a one-time marketing plan and audit. This service includes:

  • Analyze your brand strategy and set new goals.
  • Audit your website for usability and SEO.
  • Audit your social media channels to maximize content sharing.
  • Audit your email marketing and lead generation pieces for clear and conversion-focused communication.
  • Review current marketing collateral.
  • Define KPIs.
  • Create a tailored marketing plan.
  • This 4-week planning session helps us lay a strong foundation for your ongoing marketing efforts. It also gives us time to get to know you, your firm, your voice, and your ideal audience.

$5,000 One-Time Fee

Step Two: Start Your Ongoing Content Journey

Which ongoing service is right for you?

Once we complete our comprehensive marketing strategy engagement, we’re ready to work with clients in an ongoing content marketing capacity. Our two service offerings cover both content creation and distribution.

Please note: Our monthly retainer services start at $2,000/month.

Base Camp: Content Foundations

Our Base Camp service is a foundational content package. This is the perfect service for building a content-focused marketing strategy that prioritizes authenticity and consistency.

With unique data-gathering forms and a team of ghostwriters who specialize in matching the voice of different brands, we’re here to deliver high-quality, custom content that converts.

Our content strategy team meets with you quarterly to assess

  • Google Analytics,
  • Discuss your content calendar
  • Coach you and your team on how to incorporate your custom content into the rest of your marketing strategy.

This is an end-to-end content service for firm owners who are ready to build a strong marketing foundation for their businesses.


Content creation and distribution are the focuses of this package.

Our Ridgeline clients are in the process of growing their digital footprint, and are ready to take their marketing beyond exclusively creating content.

They are seeking a team of experts to help them design a custom marketing strategy, create SEO-friendly content, and implement a plan to disseminate that content to their ideal audience.

Ridgeline clients receive everything in our “Basecamp” package, plus:

  • Monthly newsletter creation
  • Social media management with custom graphic creation
  • Quarterly consulting calls

This package is truly designed to firm owners who are ready to kick their marketing up a notch, and know they don’t want to DIY their content marketing as they look to grow their firm.

Summit: Elevated Content Marketing Experience

Take your content marketing to new heights with our Summit package. This holistic service sharpens your marketing strategy, creation, and implementation to put you on the path to reach your goals. Our Summit package is designed to help you achieve your biggest content marketing goals. The Perfectly Planned Content team will help you both create high quality content, and distribute that content to your audience through email and organic social media marketing.

Our mission is to help you ensure that every element of your digital presence and content marketing strategy are aligned and working toward your business goals.

“Summit” includes everything that Ridgeline clients receive, plus:

  • Assistance with website management and copy updates
  • Email marketing campaigns for Google Reviews and Referrals
  • Digital event strategy and set up
  • Coordination and management of your other digital marketing partners (ex: PR, ad agency, web development team, etc.)

Let’s take a look at a break down of our ongoing services:

Which ongoing service is best for your business? Check out each package in more detail.

What’s Included Base Camp: Content Foundations Ridgeline Summit: Your Elevated Content Marketing Experience
Content marketing calendar management and keyword/topic strategy
2 custom blog articles written per month with our time-tested data gathering process (750-1200 words)
Custom title graphics for blog articles
Embedded graphics within blogs (as needed)
Quarterly consulting calls to review analytics and touch base on strategy
Quarterly analytics reporting to track KPIs and measure progress
Annual content marketing strategy revisit and audit
1 email campaign (ex: newsletter) written and scheduled in your email marketing system
Ongoing website management and assistance with small updates
Organic management of LinkedIn and Facebook channels through our scheduling software (averaging 2 posts/week)
Custom, branded social media graphics (4/month)
Google notification set up to check for media mentions and syndicated content for sharing
Consulting for targeted email and/or social media campaigns
Coordination and management of other delegated marketing partners
Digital event set up and promotion (quarterly max)
Optional video editing and YouTube management *ask about pricing

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