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Meet the Team: Lauren Keller


This month, we are doing a “back to school” series where we re-introduce you to our “teachers” – or the team who powers PPC and thrives when educating and empowering our clients. Today, I want to introduce you to Lauren Keller, our Director of Content Writing & Strategy. Lauren is focused on developing the ultimate marketing strategies that empower our clients to tell their stories and meet their marketing goals.

At the heart of her role on the PPC team is the drive to help our clients tell compelling stories. Lauren strives to capture the stories our clients have to share through blogs, website copywriting, script work, lead generation copywriting, and more. She takes marketing (somethign that’s often intimidating!) and turns it into an art form. She’s always excited to develop strategies that meet our clients’ unique needs.

“Words build wonder. I’ve always been fascinated by the power of words and the many ways they can shape a person, mold relationships, spur conversation, and inspire action. I read and wrote my way to a Bachelor of Arts in English at Michigan State University. And, like any good story, I didn’t know all the beautiful places it would lead.”

Prior to PPC, Lauren worked in the acquisitions editorial department of Johns Hopkins University Press, which broadened her exposure from creating the stories to getting them in readers’ hands (or screens). There, she learned to bridge the critical gap between content creation and distribution. She wanted to be even more involved in that process, which led to Perfectly Planned Content.

Personal finance is an industry ripe for compelling stories: relatable characters, high stakes, opportunities, challenges, happy endings, etc. Taking control of your money is empowering.

“I love having a hand in designing strategies that help advisors reach their goals and creating content that can help people make confident choices with their finances.”

Many people say that a book can change your life—that was certainly the case for Lauren. Chasing her love of reading and writing has opened her up to experiences, perspectives, people, places, and numerous stories that have added rich detail to her own.

When she’s not working, Lauren and her husband, Michael, love to travel and explore – savoring the food and wine scene in their hometown of Durham, NC. She finds a lot of joy in music and finds her fill of harmonies singing with a community choir. She’s also passionate about fitness, which led her to teach Pure Barre. She has a soft spot for home design and loves closing out the day relaxing on her front porch.

Lightning Round Fun Facts:

Best piece of financial advice you’ve ever received: Spend, save, invest, and give in ways that align with your deepest goals and core values

Favorite book: Jane Eyre, Charlotte Bronte

What motivates you: Joy, passion, and education

Bucket list item: Write a novel

Place you’d most like to visit: Champagne Wine Region France

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