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Is Your Solopreneur Business Ready for a Team?

It’s no secret that the entrepreneur life can be difficult. From creating optimal client experiences, to heading your own marketing efforts, to balancing your work and personal life, the title of entrepreneur is no small one.

The drive, determination, and talent that it took for you to build your business is incredible, but sometimes in the middle of the day after your second cup of tea you have the urge to talk about a really great article you just read. Sharing the post on social media is a good idea, but really you are craving the company of another person.

While being a solopreneur has an array of benefits, you don’t have to stay that way forever. Adding team members could be a great option to help your business grow!

Can You Afford A Team?

So you have decided that your business would benefit from team, but how can you make that a reality? The first thing you need to do is look at your finances to decide if you can afford to hire more people.

Creating a team can be a wonderful way to improve your workflow, grow your business, and help others. Think about the work that you do that would benefit from the efforts of a team. How could a team member add value to your business?

  • Social media management
    • When the time is right, adding a team member to manage all of the social media channels for your business can be a lifesaver. This team member would add immense value due to the dedication of posting, sharing, and engaging in many social platforms.
  • Content creation
    • Content marketing is always growing and is something that your business should invest in. Perhaps it is time to add someone to your team to help you in your content marketing efforts.
  • Data management
    • If you are going to add a team member, it is important that they have strong foresight and ideas for growth. Bringing someone on to manage your analytics could be another wonderful addition as they could help in strategizing the best ways to move forward and add to your business’s online presence.

Not all hires have to look alike. You can start small by contracting some work out to a freelancer to see how the working relationship would be. If you like their work and it is a good fit, you may then begin to give them more responsibility which could ultimately lead to a wonderful team member for your business. Just know that you don’t have to hire someone full-time right away in order to create a solid team.

The primary goal in adding new members to your team is for your business to flourish. Whether full-time or contract, a team member can add immense value to your business by allowing them to use their skills to help you both grow.

More Than Money

While adding a team member could be financially beneficial for you, there are many other perks that come with adding some people into your inner circle.

  • Flexibility
    • You know the old saying that money can’t buy time? Well, adding a team member may be the closest thing to making that statement false. By allocating responsibilities to other people, you will be able to make your own schedule more flexible and dedicate your time to the part of your business that you love most.
  • Perspective
    • You built your business from the ground up (which is amazing!) but sometimes it can be even more helpful to add in someone else’s unique experiences and perspectives into the mix. By engaging with new ideas, you will be able to help your business because of new ways of thinking. Being able to listen to and engage with ideas other than your own is possibly one of the healthiest things you can do for your business.

Are There Other Options?

If you are looking at your business and thinking I’m doing alright on my own for now, but would love to grow in other ways, there are many online groups and communities that can help you achieve that goal. Here are some other options for gaining support in other aspects of your life or business.

  • Mastermind group
    • Think of a mastermind group as the group project you never had. Notoriously, group projects are disasters because of the lack of organization, delegation, and time management. But a mastermind group combines an exclusive group of people to tackle questions or challenges.
    • A group like this will allow you to gain outside perspectives on your unique business challenges and will give you the opportunity to regularly meet with like minded people.
  • Find a mentor
    • Mentors are excellent tools for personal and professional development. Building a relationship with an experienced mentor will make you feel more secure in some of the hardships you may be facing. Mentors will often also be able to answer questions you didn’t even know you had and they can offer advice to help you not make the same mistakes that they did.
  • Accountability Partner
    • Who are you when no one is watching? I’m not sure about you, but I usually run a lot faster if I am running with someone as opposed to by myself. Having that person there provides that extra motivation and support to keep going. That is why finding an accountability partner is a great idea for your solopreneur business. Different from a mentor, an accountability partner is someone who is more of your peer, someone who you can rely on to help keep you motivated and vice versa.

As you can see, there are so many options for growing your business. A solopreneur has to face many financial obstacles, and hiring team members is certainly one of them. One thing to keep in mind is that hiring a team member as a part time contractor or freelancer might be the perfect stepping stone to growing your business. It’s often more cost-effective for solopreneurs to go this route, and you can still work with someone who adds a huge value to your team and for your clients.