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How To Use A Challenge To Refresh Your Marketing

All is fair in love and…Fitbit challenges. That’s how the phrase goes right? All I know is that when I get a tiny red notification pop up on my phone telling me that my brother-in-law invited me to the workweek hustle challenge, I get geared up to accept. 

I make excuses to take the stairs or walk to deliver a package to a coworker or even take a stroll around the block for a quick writing break—anything to get my steps. While I enjoy staying active and healthy, there is something different about the challenges. Now, I am in a competition to be the most active throughout the week, and the desire to do my best pushes me. 

A challenge can do that for you. But challenges aren’t only reserved for worn-out tennis shoes and wristwatches, they can also be an asset to your marketing strategy. Today, I would like to walk you through a social media “challenge” and the many ways it can add a fresh dimension to your marketing plan.

What is a social media “challenge”?

Unlike the walking challenges, most social media challenges won’t involve you counting your steps. A “challenge” is a unique tool that allows you to engage your followers in a concentrated, different, and fun way. Often involving prompts lasting anywhere from a week to a month, it is a way for you to involve your community in a common goal. 

You can create a “challenge” around any topic, but some examples could be doing a no-spend challenge for a month and posting your progress along the way, encouraging your followers to join you. Another could be a monthly-meal challenge where you make all of your meals at home for 30 days. You can post pictures of some of your favorite dishes and reflect on creating a strong savings habit by limiting take out.

You can also think about a challenge as a way to get people thinking about a particular topic. For example, you could start a 2-week challenge debunking your favorite financial myths and encourage your followers to do the same. This can inspire creativity from both you and your audience as you work together to share valuable knowledge.

It is pretty simple to get a social media challenge started. You’ll need:

  • An amazing idea
  • Memorable hashtag
  • Consistent engagement

In order to get the word out before you start your challenge, announce it in your newsletter or reach out to a few people who you think will be interested in joining you and let them know when it is happening. The more communication, the better. Remember, keep your ideas and time frame simple. Simplicity and clarity will always win the day. 

What value can it bring to your marketing strategy?

A challenge is an excellent way to level up your social media engagement. It catalyzes your commitment to posting for the duration of the challenge while also giving you the opportunity to communicate with your followers. Remember, posting yourself should only comprise a small portion of your social media engagement. Actively engaging your following through likes, comments, sharing, and questions is the way to build brand trust and recognition, all things that a challenge can help you do. 

When a challenge is executed correctly, it can add a lot of value to your current following because you are gathered around a common topic or working to reach a common goal. Working together and encouraging collaboration are just a couple of wonderful byproducts of a challenge. When you start a challenge, you are also taking the next step to making your content personal. It can allow you to share a piece of your life, thoughts, and actions which can inspire deeper connections. 

One of the most apparent benefits of a challenge is to attract and gain new followers. But in social media, it isn’t enough to simply get people to follow your channel. That is passive, what you want is active, engaged followers. By starting a challenge that is in line with your brand and messaging, you will be able to make a genuine connection with the people who choose to follow you and participate alongside you. 

An unexpected treat

While a challenge is inherently directed toward your followers, it also ensures your personal engagement with your social media strategy. You have so many items on your never-ending to-do list that it can be tough to keep yourself motivated to stay engaged in your social platforms, but a challenge can help you. It can reinvigorate your excitement for your social presence and can help you reach your goals.

Social media is an integral component of your online presence. It sets the tone for your business can allow you to make valuable connections with those you know well and those who you haven’t met yet. 

Here at Perfectly Planned Content, we know how important social media is for your brand and would love to help you make it as strong as possible. Are you interested in adding a “challenge” to your social media strategy? Hop on a quick call, and we would be happy to help you get started.