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How to Create Content You Love

When you hear the word “content” what do you think of?

It may be a future idea, something that hasn’t quite taken shape. Maybe something you know you need to get into but don’t know where to start. Or perhaps it is an overdue blog post you haven’t edited (stop reading this post and get to it).

Content comes in many different forms and means many things depending on the context. For me, content is storytelling. It is a method of communication and a medium I use to connect with my audience, clients, and the general public. 

But content, in general, is never one-size-fits-all—it is always a custom creation which takes a lot of time, energy, and resources. As a marketer, I hear many questions from clients about content and one of the most popular is:

What do I write about?

Generating content ideas can be a tough task, in the never-ending litany of choices it can sometimes feel like we have no ideas. But no matter what the topic is, the most important thing is creating content you love. 

What does that mean?

When you create content you love, you put your heart, passion, and energy into each post, giving it that extra flavor that only you can provide, like a secret family recipe that your great grandmother insisted never to write down.

I’m going to show you three easy ways to create content that is perfectly you. 

Know Your “Why”

Meaning is one of the most important things we look for in life. In our work, relationships, and extracurricular activities, we always look to deepen the meaning we both bring to and get out of an experience. But how can you radiate meaning and value from your content? You first have to know your ‘why.’

  • Why are you writing this post?
  • Why does the content matter?
  • Why does it resonate with you?
  • Why will your audience value it?

Your blog is meant to provide value and meaning to your clients, prospective clients, and your industry at large, but it can’t do that if you don’t put in the work that it takes. If you haphazardly put content together, your reader will be able to detect that by the words you use, how you choose to approach the topic, and the type of information you provide.

You can think of your ‘why’ as a motor in your boat. Usually, the motor is hidden below the vessel or in the back, out of direct view. It isn’t decorated or celebrated but when it stops working, you instantly can tell. Your ‘why’ is the motor of your content giving it life, movement, and voice. 

When you approach each post by first evaluating the ‘why’ you will be better able to create more genuine, authentic content. And this is the only type of content that will get and retain your audience’s attention. 

Quality Check

Another secret to creating content you love is never sacrificing the quality of your post. You bring immense value to your clients, show them that you also value yourself and your business by taking the time to make your content shine. 

Sometimes this means not always following the rules. For example, in your word count. There may be some posts you cover that demand 1,000 words and others that are better at 500. When you give the post the time and attention it deserves, it will be the best representation of the topic itself. 

Throughout my time in marketing, I have learned that there is not one “right” word length for a blog. I have been riveted by 2,500-word posts and thrilled by 400-word posts. It all depends on the subject matter and the reason behind the post. A company update or a client profile piece, for example, may not be as long as a complete overview of your pension payout options.

Whether it be the length, topic, or presentation you can bring value to your content by ensuring its quality and never forgetting to let your personality glimmer within the words.  

Let Love In 

Way too often in business, we are told to conceal, protect, and internalize. But blog writing turns that idea on its head. 

With content creation, you need to let the love you feel for your business, clients, and life shine through in your posts. It may not be as natural to show your personality and that is ok, you can do this slowly but it is a great way to build trust with your readers while showing them a piece of yourself. 

Writing will always be personal, it will always be a blend of giving and taking, but above all, it should always be uniquely yours and what isn’t there to love about that?

Are you ready to take your content to the next level? I’d love to chat with you.