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How Content Marketing Can Positively Impact Current Client Relationships

This was originally published for Twenty Over Ten.

Content marketing is often viewed as a prospecting tool — full stop. While it’s true that creating and distributing high-value content can have a laundry list of lead-generating benefits, it also has another (often unsung) benefit:


That’s right. The different facets of content marketing serve many purposes for your business. In my opinion, one of the biggest reasons to pursue content creation in today’s market is to deepen your client relationships and make it easy for them to refer new clients to your firm. Not sure how you can build a content marketing strategy that serves both your prospects and your current clients? Let’s dive in.

What is Content Marketing?

Content marketing is the creation and distribution of original content that’s primary goal isn’t to sell your services. Instead, the content you create should be one (or multiple) of the following:

  1. Actionable
  2. Informative
  3. Data-driven
  4. Personal anecdotes or case studies
  5. Opinion-driven

Of course, even within those broad categories, you’ll find different “types” or flavors of content. Some content is created only to inform, or give actionable next-steps. Ideally, your content will do double (or triple) duty! Whether you’re blogging or recording podcasts and video, you should be focused on creating content that solidifies your expertise, is somewhat actionable, and creates a personal connection with your audience.

How Your Clients Benefit From Your Content

You may be all-aboard the content marketing train but still aren’t convinced that your content should be created for your clients. I always tell advisors to think of it this way:

If your content and online presence have been built to capture your ideal prospective clients, why wouldn’t your current (hopefully ideal) clients also be interested?

Being able to connect in an ongoing way with your current client base through your content accomplishes several things. First, it allows them to connect with you beyond their financial plan or the services you provide them. You’re adding a new depth to your relationship simply by showing up and connecting in an authentic way.

Second, content marketing gives your clients a chance to be reminded of how awesome you are. In all seriousness, by continuing to release content that’s personality-packed, informative, and actionable, you’re reminding your clients why they signed on to work with you in the first place. This can increase client retention and overall client satisfaction with your firm’s services.

Finally, creating and distributing your content makes you even more referable. Because your clients are hearing from you regularly, you’re always top of mind. Plus, since the way you’re staying connected is through high-quality content, you’re giving them the tools and resources they need to easily refer to colleagues, family, and friends to you.

Forwarding a newsletter round-up of your content, sending someone a newly published blog post, or tagging them in the comments under one of your recent videos is low-hanging fruit for your clients. It’s way less fraught than digging out a business card or sending a formal email introduction. You’re setting your clients and yourself up for referral success.

Now, let’s explore how you can create and distribute content in a way that’s client-friendly.


The cornerstone piece of your content marketing strategy is (you guessed it) your content! If you want clients to respond positively to your content, whether it’s a blog post, podcast episode, or video, it’s helpful to think about what sort of topics they might be interested in.

For example, most of your clients may not want to know how to DIY their own financial plan – they already have you for that! However, they probably would want to know about timely tax updates that impact their plan, how to maintain a balanced money mindset, or your personal opinion on a specific financial strategy (like paying down debt or enrolling in insurance).


A standard, one-size-fits-all newsletter is 100% okay. In fact, it’s a great starting point! However, if you’re ready to level up, it might be time to roll out exclusive client newsletter communications. A “Quarterly Client Corner” can make a huge impact. You can remind clients about upcoming milestones in their ongoing services (like tax prep), showcase key content pieces, and include a personal note about yourself or the firm. This elevates the way you deliver your content to your clients and creates a special distribution channel that only they have access to.


Social media is a fantastic place to showcase content and connect with clients in a more personal way. Don’t be afraid to share team or family photos, talk about upcoming events, or use a free tool like Canva to design holiday images. Your social media presence should reflect who you are as a firm, and be a low-pressure place for your clients to receive updates from you.

Content Marketing as Part of a Scalable Business Strategy

Content marketing is a phenomenal way to elevate your service model and to give your clients something “extra” just for working with you. I also like to remind advisors that content marketing is also a fantastic way to create scalable touchpoints with your clients as you continue to grow.

Eventually, being able to create individual, personalized touchpoints for each of your clients will become unsustainable. The beauty of content is that it’s a one-to-many model that allows you to reach all of your clients in an efficient but personal way. When you create a content marketing strategy for your firm, you’re setting yourself up for long-term success by creating a high-impact lead generation machine and building a scalable way to reach your clients from the get-go.

Do you want to learn more about how to launch your own content marketing strategy? Don’t miss Perfectly Planned Content’s Resource Library for the tools you need to get going.