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Hey, I’m Zoë Meggert.

I founded Perfectly Planned Content because I love helping others tell their stories, and communicate their value. I started working with financial planners on their content marketing strategy in 2016. I get a lot of questions about what drove me to dive head first into this industry, and why I do what I do. Truth be told, I have two reasons:


I believe in the power of content marketing.

I’ve always felt a strong connection to stories. When I was a kid, I’d stay up past my bedtime to read. I’d sneak a flashlight into my room, and hide with my books under the covers – caught up in a world that someone had created seemingly just for me. When I went to Michigan State University, I studied creative writing, and my love for storytelling grew.

I believe that content marketing is built on stories – our stories. Throughout my career, I’ve focused on helping businesses communicate their story in a productive way – one that would draw an audience and help them grow their bottom line. Through Perfectly Planned Content, I work to capture my clients’ “why” and tell authentic stories in a voice that’s true to them. This helps them to lay a foundation of trust that leads to a long, successful financial planning relationship.


I believe in financial planners.

The work that financial planners do impacts their clients in a way that’s tough to fathom. Not only are they improving a client’s day-to-day, but they’re setting them up to live life in a way that inspires them. They’re putting them on a path to financial freedom and long term success. And then? The work they do continues to impact generations to come – and I think that’s incredibly cool. My two cents? Financial planners are essentially superheroes without capes, and their stories deserve to be told in a way that allows the world to see just how incredible they are.

My clients and I work together with my team to develop everything from overall strategy, to marketing materials, to a social media presence, to writing blog posts that resonate with their niche. We set big picture goals and build a strategy that engages, converts, and adds value to the lives of your audience – all while capturing your voice and communicating what you’re all about.

When I’m Not Working

I’m someone who loves life, and loves making the most of it every day. I spend a lot of time with my husband, Andrew. Together we have two adorable (but trouble-making) rescue dogs – Dan and Susan. They keep me busy with their shenanigans.

I have a deep love for adventure and the great outdoors. I love backpacking, hiking, running, campfires, and binge-reading books on my patio. I’m also quite the caffeine enthusiast as a former barista, and firmly believe that there’s nothing better than talking with family and friends over a fresh cup of coffee.