Hey, I’m Zoë Meggert.

I founded Perfectly Planned Content because I love helping others tell their stories, and communicate their value. I started working with financial planners on their content marketing strategy in 2016. I get a lot of questions about what drove me to dive head first into this industry, and why I do what I do. Truth be told, I have two reasons:


I believe in the power of content marketing.

I’ve always felt a strong connection to stories. When I was a kid, I’d stay up past my bedtime to read. I’d sneak a flashlight into my room, and hide with my books under the covers – caught up in a world that someone had created seemingly just for me. When I went to Michigan State University, I studied creative writing, and my love for storytelling grew.

I believe that content marketing is built on stories – our stories. Throughout my career, I’ve focused on helping businesses communicate their story in a productive way – one that would draw an audience and help them grow their bottom line. Through Perfectly Planned Content, I work to capture my clients’ “why” and tell authentic stories in a voice that’s true to them. This helps them to lay a foundation of trust that leads to a long, successful financial planning relationship.


I believe in financial planners.

The work that financial planners do impacts their clients in a way that’s tough to fathom. Not only are they improving a client’s day-to-day, but they’re setting them up to live life in a way that inspires them. They’re putting them on a path to financial freedom and long term success. And then? The work they do continues to impact generations to come – and I think that’s incredibly cool. My two cents? Financial planners are essentially superheroes without capes, and their stories deserve to be told in a way that allows the world to see just how incredible they are.

My clients and I work together with my team to develop everything from overall strategy, to marketing materials, to a social media presence, to writing blog posts that resonate with their niche. We set big picture goals and build a strategy that engages, converts, and adds value to the lives of your audience – all while capturing your voice and communicating what you’re all about.

When I’m Not Working

I’m someone who loves life, and loves making the most of it every day. I spend a lot of time with my husband, Andrew. Together we have two adorable (but trouble-making) rescue dogs – Dan and Susan. They keep me busy with their shenanigans.

I have a deep love for adventure and the great outdoors. I love backpacking, hiking, running, campfires, and binge-reading books on my patio. I’m also quite the caffeine enthusiast as a former barista, and firmly believe that there’s nothing better than talking with family and friends over a fresh cup of coffee.

Meet The Team

Lauren Straley

From a young age, stories illuminated my path–the words came alive in books, writing, and music. Words hold the power to spark emotion, community, and oneness which has inspired my writing for the last 5 years. As a professional writer and content specialist, I bring stories to life in new and interesting ways every day. In everything I do, my goal is to inspire.

Donelle Kremke

As a social media strategist, I believe social media is the new place for marketing to your audience. With people spending 70% of their time online, it’s where you can best get in front of people you want to work with. Let’s work on connecting with your audience and show them the passion that lead you to start your own business.