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8 Simple Ways To Make Your Blog Posts More Exciting

Are you one of those people who always read into the things other people say? Like if you get a text from a friend who normally includes a lot of emojis and the text is bare, you start sweating thinking that something has to be wrong?

As a writer, I can raise my hand and say that reading into words, body language, and facial expressions are all just kind of part of the territory.

But in reality, don’t we all do that at least a little?

There are so many ways that we engage with others both through words and actions that work together to inform our experience. Blog writing can be the same way!

Content creation doesn’t have to be a stale string of words sitting on your computer screen for weeks on end. It can be exciting, engaging, innovative, and creative. While you can capture all of these qualities with the words you use, it is also wise to lean into other multimedia mediums to help elevate your post to the next level.

The whole point of blogging is connecting to your audience in one way or another by providing them top quality information in a digestible and personal way. When you incorporate other forms of media into your post you are providing your audience an extra service: excellent content and excellent experience. A piece may be technically written well, but if it is not tailored and engaging to the audience it won’t have the effect that it could.

Multimedia elements will help elevate your blog to the next level. Are you ready to get started?

Below you will find a list of 8 new elements you can introduce into your next blog post. Let us know which you like most!

  1. Audio

Audio is an excellent way to connect with your audience. Whenever I read a post, I get a feel for the author’s style and personality but it is an entirely different thing to hear the post out loud. Recording yourself reading your post and linking to it at the end will add an extra personal touch to your post. It will also help your busy readers who would rather listen to your blog podcast-style as opposed to reading it.

  1. Graphics

Who doesn’t love a well-timed all-star face? ????

Or a “what just happened in that meeting” moment with your co-worker. ????????‍♀️

Adding a special character or emoji can help you make your point and help your audience connect with you.

  1. Infographics

Infographics are an excellent way to display complex information in simple terms. The next time you are tackling a difficult topic, consider alternate ways to present it to your audience. If you are talking about the ideal investment portfolio, create a mock-up of one to show your readers or the next time you talk about prioritizing money, create a flow chart. These small things can really make a big difference and will cater to your clients who are visual learners.

  1. Charts

Figure 1 assess the number of people who like charts.

I took an anonymous poll (ok you got me, I created the poll) showing how many people like charts and as you can see the result is overwhelmingly positive.

A chart is a great way to visualize data and can help make numerical data seem more interactive. It can help you quantify and bring your data to life.

  1. Gifs

Gifs are one of my favorite things to include in a blog because they can do just about anything: audio, visual, movement, humor, personality. There isn’t much that gifs can’t do.

This medium is a great way to connect with your audience and show them your personality, so perhaps its time to include one in your next post.

  1. Images

In general, images gain a lot of traction in a post. You can get creative here and include your own photography showcasing your family and personal life throughout your blog and website. This will help your audience put a face with a name and feel like they know you before they even talk with you. A photo can set the tone for the piece and highlight the theme you wish to create within your content.

  1. Videos

Many marketers agree that the inclusion of video in your marketing plan is one of the most trending strategies out there. Your audience wants to see your face and hear your voice. Your presence means a lot to them and by connecting with them in the video, you will be able to make a more personal connection.

  1. Backlinks

Your content is not created in a vacuum. It interacts with the world around it including some of your own posts. Backlinks are a great way to maximize traffic and increase your blog’s SEO. Why? Because backlinks lead your reader to another part of your website which keeps them on your website which is an awesome thing!

It is important that you don’t include backlinks for the sake of including backlinks, they should be related ideas and have an intentional purpose behind them.

I hope this list gets you really excited about creating your next blog post. Remember, your blog is a story for your business and can be exactly what you want it to be. We are always around to chat about the best way to optimize your blog, so feel free to get in touch. Interested in other ways to spice up your content marketing, check out our post on new content channels to try!