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4 Simple Ways To Transform Your Content From Good To Great

I love reading good articles. 

They make me feel like I have learned something, that the 5 minutes it took me to read it were productive and well spent. You want to provide your readers with that same feeling after each piece of content they consume on your website. Providing high-value, digestible, customizable content is the backbone for a successful content strategy. 

Content marketing is dominating the marketing landscape and we couldn’t be happier! We know that content marketing works—that it connects, establishes relationships, creates brand awareness, and generates more leads. But for content marketing to be effective, you have to have more than just content. What else do you need?

You need to have great content. 

How can you tell the difference? Come with me, and I’ll show you. 

1. You Provide Immense Value

Value is one of the most important components in great content. When you present your readers with high-value, they will feel satisfied after reading your posts and will be more likely to return to your site and keep up with your messaging. 

If you are going to invest in the time it takes to write and promote your content, it is imperative that it be rigorously-researched, edited and written in an approachable way. 

Time is one of the most important commodities your readers will give you. Respect their time by giving them content of substance and value. You can do this in a myriad of ways like answering their questions, informing them of top industry trends, or providing clarity on tough topics and issues. 

By creating content of value, you show your customers that they matter to you. This mutual respect sets the tone for your company and will set a precedent for your customers to value you in return. High-value content will also establish trust in you and your company. 

2. You Put Yourself Into It

We talk about this a lot here at Perfectly Planned Content, but you are your brand. Your brand is unique because of your outlook, process, personality, and approach. Let that shine through in your content. 

Your content needs to have your voice. Too often I see people adhere to a particular style just because it “seems” right. With content, it is more important to represent your authentic self than it is to follow the rules. Actually, your content can break some of those traditional rules about writing. Want to start a sentence with a conjunction? Your 9th grade English teacher may cringe, but do it! You want your content to be able to show off your personality. It is a way for your clients to both get to know you and maintain a relationship with you. Write as if you are talking to them. What words would you use in a client phone call? Use that same language in your posts. Be yourself, because it really goes so far in content marketing. 

I always say that for content to be great it must display passion and zeal for the topic you are covering. People respond to other’s passions. Take me for instance. I am not a traditional baseball fan, but my fiance is. I love going to games with him because of how fired up he gets about the home team or a bad pitch or a game-winning run. 

When you show your passion in a genuine and authentic way, you will draw people in, making them want to listen and spend time with you which is exactly what your readers are doing each time they engage in your content. 

3. You Do The Research

Content is the exact opposite of one-size-fits-all, like the difference between ready-to-wear fashion and custom wardrobes. Custom content is a driving force for excellence and helps establish trust and authority. 

Doing your research means knowing what keywords will grab attention. It means testing and optimizing your titles, citing your sources, understanding what and how your audience searches for topics and giving them what they want to read. It is being mindful and knowledgeable about SEO and the many ways to add these crucial elements into your posts. 

Research is a key component for taking your content to the next level. You can have excellent metaphors, puns for days, and other engaging elements but if no one can find you then you won’t achieve the results you hope to get. 

4. You Engage

The best content keeps the audience involved. You may have solid writing and strong sources, but if the content isn’t engaging, you readers won’t be inclined to stay on your site. Keep your readers interested by getting them involved in the content. You can do this by asking questions and taking them on a journey with you throughout the post. Presenting new or interesting information whether that be in a chart, graph, stat, or update is another great way to engage readers. When you create compelling content your readers they will be more likely to share, comment, and engage with it. 

Content marketing is something we are passionate about. This strategy opens the door freedom, creativity, customization, and authenticity. We love creating great content each and every day. 

We can talk about content all day, so if you are interested in more information on how we can create amazing content for you, give us a ring! We can’t wait to learn more about you.